World of Ether Beta is LIVE! Plus: What Comes Next

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After months of development, the World of Ether Beta is now live, publicly, on the Rinkeby Test Network!

You can play the Beta right here:

As this a Beta, there are still elements being worked on. Battles are being updated, and other languages have not been implemented for example.

We love questions, feedback, and comments. For all of that, the best place to reach us is Telegram and Discord. Compliments are always appreciated!

For those who don’t know, anybody who discovers Etherians 1–40 gets a reward payout of real ETH. In all circumstances, the reward will be sent to the wallet attributed to the discovery of the Etherian.

Finally, this is just a Beta, so anything that happens will not carry over to Mainnet!

How to Play

Playing the Beta is easy!

All you need is the Metamask browser extension, and Test Net ETH. You can get Metamask for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera right here, and here’s how to get Test Net ETH:

1. Switch over your MetaMask to, “Rinkeby Test Network.”

2. Copy your MetaMask wallet address.

3. Go to Google+ or Twitter and post a tweet/update with your copied address.

4. Copy the link of that update.

5. Go to

6. Enter your copied link and click, “Give me Ether.” Choose an option from the dropdown. We recommend, “18.75 Ethers / 3 days.”

If you’re successful, you’ll see something that looks like this:

The Monster Rewards

As Beta does not last past Sun type (levels 1–10), this means the Etherians numbered 1–40 (out of 200 total) are available for players to discover.

As we wrote in our preliminary game guide post, the first player to discover an Etherian gets a Gold, which is the strongest possible version of that Etherian.

For Beta, we’ve added in one more element. A player will also receive real ETH just for being the discoverer of an Etherian.

We have rewards on discovering all the Sun Etherian monsters and these rewards add up to $10,000.

Here are the rewards for Etherians 01–40 in Beta:

1–21: $20

22: $110

23: $110

24: $110

25: $150

26: $110

27: $110

28: $110

29: $110

30: $110

31: $110

32: $240

33: $400

34: $400

35: $400

36: $400

37: $400

38: $400

39: $800

40: $5,000

Join Us!

Beta can be played at

Beta: What’s to Come

We’ve had a blast watching everybody play Beta so far, and we couldn’t be more thankful for all the participation, feedback, and compliments we’ve been receiving!

We especially want to thank everybody for their patience while we work through issues and make updates. We had a lot more people jump in than expected, and it was great to see so many people coming together in the WoE Discord and Telegram.

Currently the Beta is in Maintenance mode and will be resuming soon.

The Rewards

The Etherian Discovery contest was a big success, and we’re excited to announce that we will soon be doing another during the Beta!

First thing’s first though, if you were a winner in this contest, you’ll be receiving your ETH before the new one is announced.

We had a lot of fun seeing players discover Etherians, especially watching the race to discover the Etherian #40, Ashbringer. Here are some stats and congratulations about the contest:

  • There were thousands of Etherians hatched among everybody.
  • Crystal usage was very high. We’re excited to see what it looks like on Mainnet.
  • Congratulations to Gambit for discovering the Legendary and winning the $5,000 Grand Prize!
  • Congratulations to Donut Fan for discovering the most Etherians. We were all dumbfounded watching you go.
  • Congratulations to all of our winners — we can’t wait to do it again.

Making Updates

When the next iteration of Beta is deployed, players should expect to see several updates.

Battles will be re-implemented with new functionality, there will be UI/UX improvements on both desktop and mobile, and we’ll be taking into consideration the feedback we’ve been receiving.

We’ll continue using the #development-updates channel of Discord to list some of these updates, and users can also suggest more updates and feature requests in this form.

Though Beta isn’t open while we make these updates, you can relive some of its excitement with the Soundtrack which is now on SpotifyYouTubeAmazon, and many other platforms:


We’ll also be launching the sale of Crystals, the ERC20 in-game power ups which were so widely used during Beta.

Details on launch date to be coming soon…

For more on Crystals, we have an extensive guide here.

Post Beta

Post Beta, we’ll be heading into Mainnet launch.

Progress will not carry over from Beta and everybody will start fresh, only having their presale Eggs and presale Crystals.

We’ll be announcing a few more features, and our plans for future improvements. We’ll implement translations in nine languages, and we’ll be announcing a contest which is even bigger than the one we just had. We have a lot planned.

We’re going to make sure everything is perfect for Mainnet. This Beta is helping us tremendously with that.

Join WOE

To stay up to date with World of Ether news and updates, make sure to join our mailing list and our Twitter.

You can also join the WoE community on Discord and Telegram.

These next few weeks are going to be wild, we can’t wait for what’s to come!


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