Someone Just Invented Civilization (The Game) For The Blockchain & Crypto Gamers Are Going Crazy For It

Blockchain technology has been gradually creeping into the world of gaming over the last year, bringing a whole new economic element to the games being developed. From tradeable cats, to pyramid gambling, weird and whacky ideas abound. A recently launched gaming platform named CryptoCities has now joined the bandwagon, and looks all set to have a disrupting impact on the industry.

The new platform has set off a mad race amongst new users to acquire what are known as ‘locations’ in the game. Users are able to discover locations that exist in the real world and then sell them for a profit in the marketplace. Other users are able to buy these assets if they want to progress faster on the platform and discover even better locations. Some locations have already changed hands for a few thousand dollars, and a full demand / supply economy is forming.  


The platform has been described as Civilization for the blockchain, due to its use of game features that create a similar strategic progression for players. But its developers are quick to point out that the real game play will only come in the second phase of the project, when the discovery phase ends. This hasn’t deterred its early adopters though, who have built a passionate community behind the project on Discord.

In CryptoCities, the term location refers to different places around the world including cities, towns, villages, hamlets and small holdings. Each of these locations has been assigned points, depending on their size and population.

Users are be able to discover any location that appears on Google maps and has census data. Any given location can only belong to one user at any given point of time. However, the location owners may choose to rent it to someone else for a short period of time, although you can’t rent whilst the discovery phase is ongoing. The process of discovery for each location is checked and verified by the platform to ensure its uniqueness. During this process, the latitude and longitude of the locations are registered in the blockchain and can’t be changed.


This is a truly unique funding model that eliminates many risk factors for early adopter. Instead of spending a fortune to purchase tokens, CryptoCities users can create their assets through this discovery process, thus earning the assets doing what they love the most, playing games. All they need to pay in return is a small discovery fee that depends on the size of the discovered location. These users also have complete visibility in terms of the traded values of the assets in the marketplace. This unique type of gaming asset plays a pivotal role in the overall architecture of CryptoCities. Once discovered, these location assets can be traded to earn a profit or used simply for the gaming pleasure of the users on the platform. A total supply of around one million location assets is currently up for grabs.

Since the value of each location depends on its size and population, all locations are not similar in terms of their utility. The largest of the cities such as New York, London, etc. belong to the most valuable category with location points of fifty each. On the other hand, small locations with less or no population offer just one point. However, these locations are important because every user needs to start collecting their assets from the lowest level. With each discovery, points from the discovered locations get added to the total point of the user. The higher point locations can be discovered only by users that have earned a substantial collection of points by discovering several smaller locations. Therefore, the users with more points are likely to make larger discoveries and enjoy more benefits. The standard time required for a discovery may vary between 16 hours and 24 hours.



Most of the locations found in CryptoCities come with its own game features. Naturally, the larger locations offer more advanced or rare features. There are five different levels of features, with the highest level available only in one or two locations. The level five features will be extremely sought after in this ecosystem, and can be used to perform specific gaming actions.  Interestingly, once the very limited number of fifty point locations gets discovered by someone, the later users may never manage to reach this level. This is why the first-movers can really make the most of this platform by starting early and quickly making it to the top.

The team behind CryptoCities firmly believes that their new platform will have a disrupting impact on the world of gaming. By leveraging the location based assets, any game can immediately attract the interest of the pool of gamers looking to use their assets. These games can benefit immensely because of the platform’s decentralized and shared ownership layer for the locations. CryptoCities has already risen to a few thousand daily transactions, evidence of early user adoption. The platform will provide a robust API and marketplace commissions to game developers for their integrations.

“The more games that use these shared location assets, the more innovation we will see in new types of games,” says Dave Sumter, the Founder of the platform. “When people can transfer ownership of the assets they use in a game to new game, new opportunities will arise.”


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