Rare “Cryptobots” Selling For More Than 100 ETH As Players Rush To Get In On The Newest CryptoCollectable Craze

The newest Crypto sensation is here.

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CryptoBots May Have Started Slow, But It’s Turning Into Full-Blown Mania as Players Rush To Get In On The Newest CryptoCollectable Craze.

We admit, we didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to CryptoBots when it was released, chalking it up to a cheap knockoff of crypto kitties..

We were wrong.

CryptoBots is here to stay. Rare bots are fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars from collectors eager claim the rarest of bots. Bots with guns and multiple arms seem to be fetching the the highest prices. Grab your bots, manufacture (breed) new ones, battle or sell for ETH.

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Start Playing Now

Getting Started With CryptoBots

Like any other blockchain technology based ventures, there are certain aspects that you need before getting started. Here are the main things to you need to get started:

First, you’ll need a computer or laptop which has the desktop version of either chrome or Firefox. CryptoBots can only run in either chrome or Firefox, desktop versions.
For you to use CryptoBots, you have to install MetaMask which is a digital wallet. Then you have to deposit some money in it in order to make your maiden purchase. Of course you will need the wallet to purchase, sell and store your Bots.

You’ll have to buy ether, ETH, either in MetaMask or from different exchanges and transferring them from your exchange wallet to MetaMask. Ether is the cryptocurrency which allows CryptoBots to run.

To get CryptoBots you’ll need to Click at the ‘Auction’ button and find the Bots on Sale

You could be asking yourself the number of CryptoBots you’ll need for you to start the game, well, you just need one. However, the site recommends you start with at least two to make it easy for you to create new bots.

Follow the above steps and, voila! You’re good to go!

How Do You Earn in CryptoBots?


Well, apart from the thrill and fun that comes with playing the game, you also need to think of how you will earn in the process. It is easy to earn in CryptoBots. When you win a game, you get rewarded with Bots which you can auction to other gamers in the site.

The best thing is that you can state your price since it’s an auction allowing you to get the maximum earning. You also easily convert your Bots to Ethers, ETH, which you can use in the crypto industry. The site also allows the gamers to manufacture Bots which you can sell to new or existing gamers and in the process earn more ETH.

Who’s Behind This New Game?

CryptoBots is a collector’s blockchain game created by Playneta Studio. Playneta is a mobile game development studio. The company was founded in 2015 by Shikharev Semyon and Dmitry Filatov.

There are 2 mobile projects in operation by PLAYNETA at the moment, with more than 16 million users!

Info about the bots is stored on the Ethereum network, and the rules of the game are governed by several smart contracts. In order to play the game, you will need either the Chrome or Firefox browser, with the Metamask extension installed.

The authors of the game were inspired by, the popular game, cryptokitties. The team took the best from the kitties and added something very interesting and original. The unique hallmarks are battles of the “CryptoBots” and their rebuilding, amongst several other tweaks.

The battles are mass events for 10 users, where the winner is the most refined bot with the highest number of antagonistic modules. The winner is awarded a new unique cryptobot. Rebuilding of bots is a mechanic that allows you to turn “cheaper” CryptoBots of the older generation, to new and unique bots. Some modules can be obtained only through the rebuilding of CryptoBots.

A new generation bot with a unique combination of modules appears every 15 minutes. This bot is the quickest in the production of its offspring and the strongest in battles.

The production process of a new bot:

● Take two bots and manufacture a new one by means of combining their bot-DNA.

● You get a new bot with unique 256 bit long DNA sequence, obtained from a mixture of the genotypes from its progenitors and random mutations.

● The DNA of the new bot determines the set of modules which it consists of, as well as future production opportunities.

● Right after the production, the new Bot’s progenitors can’t make a new offspring. It takes a while for them to cooldown.

● As Bots are used for manufacturing, the speed of production of new bots derived from each progenitor reduces.

How to buy a bot?

● You need to download a digital wallet MetaMask, which supports the use of various web applications, and install it on your computer.

● Then it will be necessary to load the wallet with Ethereum: The game requires ETH to operate. Its format does not support other digital coins.

Start Buying Your Bots!

How to start production of a new bot?

Not only can you use your own personal bots as progenitors, but strangers as well. For this purpose, there is a special section called “Auction”, where you can choose any suitable partner for your bot, paying the owner of the selected bot.

The rules of the game do not recognize Bot sexes, thus, all bots are asexual, and you can combine them as you like.

How much Ethereum is necessary to buy a cryptobot?

The cost of 0-generation bots is determined by an auction with a starting bid equal to the average purchase price of 0-generation bots within last 15 minutes + 50%.

The cost of bots of subsequent generations is determined by players and varies within the range of 0–5 Eth.

The process of rebuilding.

If you have accumulated a number of seemingly useless extra bots during the production process, you can take them all and assemble a new one. The process guarantees a better Bot as a result. Remember: some modules can be obtained through the rebuilding process.

The battles

In order to increase your army and prove your superiority you can join a battle. The battle starts as soon as 10 players gather together. Everyone fights with everyone, the victory is determined by the strength and confrontation of antagonist modules. The winners are awarded new rare bots.

You can also earn using other simple methods: by leasing your bots for the production of new ones. For this purpose, you should place your bots on a special auction.

Visit their web site www.cryptobots.me

What are you waiting for? Pick up some bots now!

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