Is Nucleus Vision (NCASH) the Future Of Retail?

Nucleus is an end-to-end technology solution that captures and provides previously inaccessible data to retailers and other ‘brick-and-mortar’ businesses through its proprietary blockchain and real-time sensor technology.

“When the customer walks into a retail store, the retailer rewards the customer for visiting their store. The retailer credits nCASH tokens to the customer’s nCASH wallet. When the customer makes a purchase at the retail counter, they receive loyalty points in the form of nCASH tokens for that purchase. The retailer requests information from the customer (such as shopping preferences or their email address).

The customer has the choice to authorize or deny the request. If they authorize the data request, the retailer receives that information and then the customer is rewarded with nCASH tokens from the retailer. Retailers reward other data providers for exchanging information about their in-store customers. One retailer requests another retailer to provide some information about a customer.

The customer receives the request and authorizes that transaction, and is then rewarded with nCASHn tokens. The retailer who provided that information to the other is also rewarded with nCASH tokens. The customer has received nCASH tokens and redeems them through multiple Nucleus Vision partner. In fact, retailers and customers can transact with multiple partners within the Nucleus Vision ecosystem. “

NCASH is Now Listed on Binance!


Furthermore, the IoT sensors can also act as a security system and spot intruders; this may be used real-time and it can also act as evidence in the future. The sensors work with smartphones, no app is required, and the data provided is anonymous; user identities and data gathered will be secured on the blockchain. Nucleus is combined with a loyalty program and customers earn nCash whenever they enter a Nucleus powered store, thereby making money in exchange for their shopping data.

In the future, Nucleus’ system can be applied to other aspects e.g. in homes, cars etc. Apart from rewarding customers, nCash will also be used to regulate safe data transfer between sensors and trusted parties; and as a payment vehicle for the loyalty system. Ten Nucleus sensors are already active in retail stores, and 50,000 unique identifications have been recorded. There have been over 2,000 successful authorizations, over 2,000 recommendations, 2,000+ offers sent, and over 1,800 offers availed.

Hard Cap and Valuation

There will be 10 billion nCash in total. Nucleus Vision plans to raise $40m for 40% of the token total. How the remaining 60% will be distributed is not yet known.



Marketing Power

As at the time this post was published, Nucleus had one of the biggest Telegram channel among all ICOs with over 37,000 members subscribed. And they have 700 members in dedicated Korean Telegram channel. They also have over 16,000 followers on Twitter, 1,700+ Reddit readers, over 2,500 Facebook subscribers and 1000 followers on Medium. In addition to these, Nucleus has the backing of influential investors like Tim Draper.

Prominent Advisors

Ian Balina

  • Cryptocurrency investor and influencer.
  • Advisor to various blockchain projects.

David Wachsman

  • Founder and CEO of Wachsman PR.

Yiseul Cho

  • Blockchain specialist at HSBC.
  • Former Partner at Blockchain Partners Korea.
  • Advisor to ICON, Waves and Medibloc.

Prabhakar Reddy

  • Advisor to various blockchain projects.

Howey’s Test

According to Howey’s Test conducted by Research Center analysts, it is unlikely that nCash will be considered a security.

Team Members’ Areas of Expertise

Business experts

Abhishek Pitti, CEO and Founder

Andrey Gubar, Blockchain Specialization

  • Co-Founder, and CEO of Tecsvit Development for 11 years.

Sanjay Bisen, Director, Sensor Development

  • Co-Founder and Business Owner of Wavenet Solutions.
  • Co-Founder of Digital TeleSoftware.

Bryan Lemster, Lead Blockchain Developer

  • President at Halcyon Innovation (mobile application development services) for over 12 years.

The analysis was produced by Research Center team members: Robin DavidsMark JeddEugene Tartakovsky.


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