We are excited to announce our new Incubator!

The Fraternity of Future Stars

We will be adding some of the brightest talent in the crypto space- young talent, coders, programmers, developers & entrepreneurs will be selected on an invite only basis.  We do accept applications to join, but are subject to approval.

Membership in this exclusive Club comes with several perks: Connections to Hedge Fund Managers, Angel Investors & Venture Capital as well as introduction to other like minded entrepreneurs. Members in our Incubator program will have the ability to start, be a part of, or participate with new projects and monetize current ones. All while making invaluable connections and joining forces with some of the brightest talent out.

Members will also receive the “Top Talent in Cryptocurrency” badge to display on website, blogs etc.  We expect some huge projects and groundbreaking technology to come out of this, and members will have the opportunity to develop, fund or participate in some of the best new technology to hit the market.

Once the incubator is up and running, we will have “members only” Skype or Conference calls that work with all of our members schedules for a weekly or bi-weekly “meeting of the minds” to discuss ideas, new projects, disruptive technology, profitable ventures and more. You can expect some new and exciting projects to come out of this elite fraternity!