Highly Anticipated “World Of Ether” Raises the Bar for Ethereum Games | Launch Date Announced!

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The World of Ether V1 launch date has been announced!


Get Your Eggs While You Still Can!

The highly anticipated crypto collectible game built on the Ethereum blockchain is already generating excitement. The team behind WoE has expressed their priority of making sure their Smart Contracts and user interface is well tested before the game is actually released to the public.

To ensure this, they will host 3 various launches leading up to the main net launch.

The first World of Ether launch, an exclusive Alpha, will be released on March 28th to a maximum of 50 vetted participants. The WoE team is anticipating this to be a bit buggy, but in terms of game mechanics and UX is set to be close to the full version of the game.

The team has stated that this version is only open to 50 people so that quality feedback is received and undisclosed features of the game are kept secret until main launch.

There are still openings for this test but you must email the following to alpha@worldofether.com.

  • Name
  • Experience and Credentials
  • Proof of said credentials

After the Alpha test, the team will be holding a public Bug Bounty with ‘sizeable’ rewards of ETH and monster eggs. The date will be announced shortly, but anybody is able to participate. The bug bounty will be for the game’s smart contracts, so that they are more specifically tested and combed over. In order to participate in the Bug Bounty, join the WoE newsletter here to receive updates.

The team has stated that they want their full game to be “flawless,” and these rigorous tests and various versions are the way they intend on achieving this.

>> World of Ether CEO Interview

The third World of Ether launch test, the Beta, will follow the Alpha. Like the Alpha, it will also be on the Rinkeby Test Network, using test net Ether.

The Beta is semi-private and will only be available to those with presale eggs. It will also contain the full World of Ether game. The dev team behind the project expects the Beta to be much shorter than the Alpha, due to many of the bugs already being corrected.
If you have yet to purchase an egg in the presale and would like to participate in the Beta, you can do so here.

You will need either the MetaMask plugin for desktop or the Toshi app for mobile to access this page, as it interfaces directly with the Ethereum blockchain.

Source: WorldofEther

More details of the Main Net’s launch date and the game’s bonus features are anticipated to be dripped out in the weeks to come. As of now, some of the biggest influencers in the space are awaiting this game, with, I’m told, many big names participating in the Alpha and Beta.

If you qualify to participate in the World of Ether Alpha or Beta, you will need test net Ether, essentially “play money.” You can learn how to get Test Net Ether here.

World of Ether’s Telegram group was buzzing with excitement when this roadmap was released, and the hype looks like it is unrelenting.

Source: WorldofEther

A few weeks ago World of Ether had its biggest whale in terms of ETH spent.
Some buyer spent around $40,000 on pre-sale eggs, first spending $20,000 and then coming back days later to double his/her purchase.

Source: WorldofEther

The World of Ether egg presale has an interesting pricing dynamic. The first egg sold was .00035 ETH. With each egg sold, the price of eggs rises by another .00035 ETH.

At press time, the team has currently sold 1887 eggs, the current going price of an egg selling at 0.660 ETH.

The eggs can be hatched into monsters upon release of the full game. These monsters can be battled, bred, or sired and sold for real ETH, with substantial advantages added for people who purchase eggs in the presale.

The game is being lauded as highly stylized and one of the only few crypto collectibles to not use procedurally generated art. It’s being designed to compete artistically with top mainstream video games.

Why Do We Think It Will Be A “Monsterous” Success?

Because it’s fu*#ing awesome.

It looks great, it’s a phenomenal idea, and could be slightly addicting

In it, “explorers” battle, breed, and collect monsters. Explorers can earn ETH by selling and siring monsters. Explorers can level up, gain experience from battling, and get permanent credit for discovering a new monster.Store, sell and breed your valuable Etherians on the Ethereum blockchain where they are held safe and securely.

Use ETH to buy eggs and discover hundreds of new monsters.Breed your way to a legendary monster, or buy an egg and test your luck. World of Ether is filled with many Etherians waiting to be discovered.

Be the first to discover a new species and get rewarded.


In World of Ether, users can battle, breed, and sell a variety of monsters, creating a rich world to interact with.

Games that use blockchain have many advantages. With World of Ether, the monsters live on the Ethereum blockchain in a way that is truly decentralized. This gives the game several advantages:

  • New breeds of monster can be discovered by users and when a user discovers a monster, that user is forever credited as being the discoverer of that monster.
  • The market decides how many monsters come into existence, and the founding team cannot create monsters out of thin air, thereby devaluing existing monsters (something that happened with CryptoKitties, for example).
  • The market decides on the price of all types of monsters.
  • Battle results cannot be manipulated and altered.

There are five types of monsters, each with different advantages and strategies: Sun, Ocean, Life, Death, and Astral.


  • There are four grades of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. Legendaries are extremely difficult to obtain, very powerful, and valuable. Few players will ever encounter them, though players will be able to look into our smart contracts and see the secret to creating them.
  • Battling gives users experience, which allows them to increase their chances of breeding these rare monsters.
  • World of Ether is translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and French. CryptoKitties, by comparison, was only in English.
  • The game began pre-selling eggs at midnight of 1/15/18.

Purchase Your Eggs HERE

Here’s a video showing how to purchase an egg:

>>>> Buy Your Eggs Here

The game is one of the only few to not use procedurally generated art. Everything in it is custom made, and highly stylized. It’s being designed to compete artistically with top mainstream video games.

With no outreach, the game went viral on social media, and sold half a million dollars of presale assets in just its first two days of release.One of their new whales came in on Friday, buying $22,000 of presale assets to use in the main game.

A week before, the game announced a partnership with Coinbase’s Toshi.Most crypto collectible games are only in English. World of Ether is the first to be translated into Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, French, and Spanish.


At the end of Q1, 2018, upon launch of the full game, the presale and affiliate program will end. At this time, eggs jump in price by 15% in order to increase reliance on the monster marketplace.

In the full game, all presale eggs will be able to be hatched into monsters that can be bred, battled to increase the player’s level which unlocks the ability to breed rarer and more powerful monsters, sired for ETH, and sold on the marketplace for ETH- in a system that could end up being quite profitable for players.

The egg presale owners will be populating the marketplace with monsters, which new players are incentivized to purchase by there being a very high egg price. Presale monsters also have a shorter breeding cooldown period.So what are you waiting for?

Buy Your Eggs Now

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