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Exploring new arenas

After more than a decade in the investment industry, Matt is embarking on a new journey. Matt’s experience came from years of trading on the NYMEX and Chicago Mercantile Exchanges, where he learned under Jack Bouroudjian, CNBC Commentator, former Chairman of the Equity Indices Committee and pioneer in helping to create the Russell 2000 futures and options, S&P Midcap 400 futures and options and the revolutionary E-mini futures concept.

Word is your interest has moved toward Blockchain Technology & Digital Assets can you elaborate?

“Unfortunately I can’t get into details, the SEC has very specific rules on that. What I can say is that I have been interested in cryptocurrencies and the future applications of blockchain technology and I’m very excited about this space.”

Not Your Typical Investment Manager

Matt didn’t graduate from an Ivy League school. He wasn’t grandfathered in to Goldman Sachs because of his family or connections. He had to work his way up the ranks. He also had to overcome several obstacles- from losing everything he owned including his dog, Tank in a house fire, to the loss of his younger brother and closest friend, Michael.

His message “never give up on yourself” and “never forget where you come from” aren’t some corny rehearsed cliche. It’s coming from someone who quite literally lost everything and struggled before finding success. “I think that’s one of the things that’s kept me grounded, and also why I don’t define myself by material things.”

Being from a small town in Texas may sound like a disadvantage in the investment industry, but Matt says it’s helped him. “I can relate to real people, I don’t come from a place where people feel I’m talking down to them.” In an industry where there’s been a complete disconnect between clients and their wall street advisors, it’s refreshing to see someone that people can relate to.

Although he doesn’t fit the typical buttoned up investment advisor stereotype, Siebenthal is one of a growing number of investment advisors that can now be found on “Main Street.” In cities and towns across the country, many that learned the trade on Wall Street.. have grown disenchanted and left.

An avid dog lover, Matt describes himself as having “a slight obsession with dogs.” Pictured (left) with TV crew from Tokyo, Japan that flew in to film one of his American Bully’s.

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25 September 2017

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