CryptoCars Races To Top Ethereum Games With Supercar Smart Contracts

Now you can buy, collect and sell CryptoCars Smart Contracts as a valuable and one-of-a-kind collectable using the Ethereum blockchain.


We all dream of Lambo’s and Ferrari’s but you can be the only person in the world to own CryptoCar Smart Contracts for such desirable cars like the Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari 250 GTO or maybe your going to go for the Tesla Roadster which is being touted as the fastest production car ever.

The moment you purchase a Smart Contract, it is automatically relisted on the marketplace, and the price tag is now doubled * You might not own that CryptoCar for long! When somebody else buys your Crypto car at the current price list in the marketplace, they will automatically take control of your CryptoCar Smart Contract taking ownership from you. Although you will lose the CryptoCar card, you will by paid up to double the amount you originally paid in ETH by the new owner.

How does it work?

howitworksCryptoCars runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and like the coins, it means each CryptoCar is linked to one unique Smart Contract Token on the Ethereum blockchain. In order to purchase a CryptoCar Smart Contract choose the supercar you want and you send Ether to the contract using Metamask.

If somebody else wants to buy one of your current CryptoCar Smart Contracts, the buyer has to pay you double the amount you paid for the original purchase. If you are ready to get started, all you need to do is Register and Sign In and then download the MetaMask Smart Wallet Google extension or FireFox Plugin. Learn more here

Crypto and supercars go together like oil and an engine, but just because they go together doesn’t mean they will result in a successful recipe, you need a dedicated and talented team with a clear roadmap and direction and then you have to lightly blend it with an engaged community in an open and transparent manner as possible.

Everybody needs to focus on the road with the aim being to build a community that will guide us towards success by creating an environment that fosters engagement between players, developers, marketers and the rest of us blockchain pioneers.


The increase in VALUE is coded into the Smart Contract automatically.

up-in-valueEach time a Smart Contract is sold the price automatically increases for the next buyer, meaning the contract increases in value with each transaction. Obviously this also means that when you buy a Smart Contract somebody else can buy you out!

Anybody willing to pay the set asking price can take it away from you, just by paying double the price that you paid, and nothing you can do to stop them except buy it back off them for double again.

Ex: You buy a Smart Contract for 0.01 ETH for your dream Lambo, another player wants that Lambo and takes your pride and joy away from you. Once that happens, you will automatically receive 0.02 ETH.

Both groups working in unison is vital to the success of the project, if this can happen then maybe, just maybe together we can build a decentralized game that goes beyond the reach of super-sized gaming companies, and without interference from minority controlling interests.

We hope our white paper helps set the expectations we have and by sharing our vision it makes you want to become a part of our community but remember that whilst expectations are good, unrealistic expectations can be very damaging. We are in a very new space and DApps seem likely to become a huge growth sector, but as in any new sector you are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

As the crypto gaming sector matures and we start to see the trading of digital assets becoming more popular, driven in part by an increasing demand for game players to own and trade virtual assets on the blockchain we want to build a community that has a huge influence of the future direction of the whole sector.

The mission we are on is to empower the gaming community around the globe by decentralizing the way we play games, store value and build a gaming community by bringing smart contract gaming to the mainstream.


Cryptocar Contract Launch

During this phase we will be launching the Cryptocar Smart Contracts. You can buy, collect and sell your Cryptocar Smart Contract as a valuable one-of-a-kind collectable using the Ethereum blockchain.

Screenshot 2018-03-14 11.45.25.png

To purchase a Cryptocar Smart Contract, choose the supercar you want and buy the contract using Ethereum and a Metamask wallet. If somebody else wants to buy your Cryptocar Smart Contract, the buyer has to pay you up to double* the amount you paid for the original purchase.

Screenshot 2018-03-14 11.46.26.png


Racetrack Smart Contract Release

During this phase we will be releasing the Racetrack Smart Contracts. We will soon (March 2018) be announcing a very exciting promotion method that we will be using as a way of distributing the 300 Circuit Smart Contracts. The Racetrack contracts will be rewarded to the highest rolling players in the game. The initial price of the racetrack smart contract awarded will be set at the total value of all cars in your garage at the end of the promotion.

Screenshot 2018-03-14 11.48.26.png

  • Racetracks will become an integral part of the game in the near future.
  • You can buy and sell Racetrack Smart Contracts.
  • The number of Racetrack Smart Contracts is capped at 300. They will be released as rewards and promotions to the top players in the game as well as incentives and bonuses.
  • Once racing is launched the Racetrack Smart Contract owner earns a percentage of the race fees for all races hosted at your racetrack.


Driver Contract Release

This will see us add the Driver Smart Contract. Every player can create their own profile which is stored on a smart contract and this will be on the blockchain forever.

Screenshot 2018-03-14 11.50.28.png

  • Choose your own Driver name and upload a profile pic / avatar.
  • Edit your driver name / build up your levels and increase value / sell or auction your Driver Smart Contract.
  • Qualify and enter the Crypto Drivers Championship, win races and other tournaments.
  • Every time you enter a race you gain experience points which improve your driver level, special items can also be acquired to boost your driver’s chances of winning races.
  • Your racing helmet will feature your own unique Ethereum blockies icon.

Screenshot 2018-03-14 11.51.59.png


Car Rental Begins

For the current Cryptocar smart contact owners this will be a way to generate extra income while owning the Cryptocar Contracts. The higher the Value of your Cryptocar the better it will perform in competition and will therefore demand higher rent.

Screenshot 2018-03-14 11.53.28.png

A driver can rent and enter into a race any Cryptocar is currently listed on the marketplace, The rental cost will be based upon a percentage of the current value of the Cryptocar contract and is rewarded to the owner of the Cryptocar smart contract at the time.

Any driver can rent any car at any time, this means you could enter a race with the same car as someone else, leaving it all down to driver skill, upgrades and experience.


Let’s get Ready to Race

You can choose to enter a race with Ethereum or Cryptocar Credits. All races will have a predetermined number of racers, when all race positions are filled the race is run and the winners are rewarded in the selected currency.

The race winner is determined by our custom race algorithms that will take many factors into account like driver statistics, vehicle value and track compatibility just to mention a few.

Coming Soon!

This is what the team have being working on and will continue to develop these with the guidance of the community.

CryptoCarCredits (CCC)

Cryptocar Credits will be used in the cryptocar game platform in the future. You will soon be able to download a wallet from our website to save your credits in. Credits will also be given away as rewards and bonuses in and outside of the game.

  • We have capped the maximum supply of CryptoCarCredits to 97 million as a tribute to the current circulating supply of Ethereum.
  • We have initially launched CryptocarCredits using Scrypt algorithm but will be developed into a multi-algorithm decentralized currency.
  • We have pre-mined 9.7 million (ten percent of the total supply) to fund further marketing / development /airdrops / bonuses and exchange listings. Credits will be given away as rewards and bonuses in and outside of the game.
  • We expect CryptoCarCredits to become available on popular exchanges in the not too distant future.
  • Windows wallet and online wallet with clear roadmap for development in the booming crypto gaming sector.
  • We will be releasing our CryptoCarCredits whitepaper in Q2 of 2018.

Community Building

We believe a strong relationship with our community is the only way the platform will be a success, We have multiple social media accounts and a dedicated community space where we will remain in touch with our community members and look to take advantage of suggestions and future development ideas from them.

UI / UX / Mobile

We are constantly looking for ways to improve gameplay and the user experience, expect lots of updates and developments from us along the way. Mobile usability is a key feature that will be implemented soon.

Affiliate Program

We are currently testing various platforms and deciding on a compensation structure for referring players to the game.

Credit Card Payments / Other Crypto Currencies

We think it is important that we make it as easy as possible for new players to have a ramp onto the game. We are currently going through the various options.

Bounty Program


We have launched a Bounty Program and we will be actively promoting this to industry influencers in order to reach a broader range of players outside the crypto space. If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding marketing we would love to hear from you and are open to suggestions.


CryptoCars looks like a lot of fun and a game with a ton of potential. There is already a ton of excitement building around this new cryptocollectable game and new users are joining in droves. So, what are you waiting for? Get your CryptoCar now!

What are your thoughts on this new game?

Comment, like and share below!

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