New Project ASTRUM Seeks To Tokenize The Fashion Industry

SASgwZ5L_400x400.jpgThe ASTRUM project was created for the fashion industry for top fashion brands and everything related to this growing market. ASTRUM is a fast and convenient payment solution that is also safe and secure. It’s Decentralized nature can provide equal opportunities for everyone while reducing the risk of fraud in fluctuating currencies.

We want ASTRUM to be the first coin in the fashion industry; we want people of taste to use it, namely designers, couturiers, fashion models and prosperous people who can appreciate art and style. We will associate the ASTRUM brand with major fashion houses such as Gucci, Dolce, Brioni, Moncler, etc.

A part of the revenues will be used for competitions and grants for young undiscovered designers, we see this as a project with several benefits, an ambitious team of young developers and entrepreneurs with a dream of changing the world for the better.

We’ve used PoS-based Dash since we considered it to be the future, but now we are seeing that PoW technology is impractical. We want our investors to profit, and we care for everyone who has invested. Clearly, we’ll rebrand, and there will be a lot of challenges on the way, but we can see the foreseeable future of ASTRUM and we believe in the potential of the need, technology and ultimately the success of our team as well as ASTR token holders.

We are grateful for the support and appreciate the community – and you can rest assured that when talking to one of our team members, we pay attention to detail. Every question, and new idea. We are proud of our dedicated and quick service.


Decentralization and Anonymity


Astrum is designed to be fast as a starlight.

Confirmation Time

The full confirmation of the transaction takes about 10 minutes, one transaction needs at least 10 confirmations to become mature.

Security & Anonymity

Astrum is secure and anonymous.


You can encrypt your wallet to prevent it from being stolen, and you can use the DarkSend feature to anonymize your transactions.

Rewarding Users

Astrum block reward system includes stimulating rewards paid to a randomly picked user. 100 ASTR are paid once a week, 500 ASTR one time in a month, 3000 ASTR one time in three months, 15000 ASTR one time in a year.

Proof Of Stake

We use only Proof-of-Stake mining technology to protect natural environment and resources.

Proof-of-Stake algorithms are more friendly for the environment than Proof-of-Work.

Solving The Problem of Energy Consumption

Every day Bitcoin consumes the same amount of energy as 520,000 Canadians.  That’s the equivalent of the Kongo and more energy than 166 countries in the world. For Bitcoin mining in particular, that”s 27 times more than VISA payment systems use.

Astrum that is using POS consumes only 27 Watts.


ASTR operates not only on masternodes. You can keep your coins in the wallet.

Owners of Astrum have the ability to send secure and untraceable transactions to others using DarkSend technology.

Astrum is and will be low-volatity so you can use Astrum for every day purchase in our partners stores.

Decentralisation gives owners guarantee that noone will do machinations with Astrum market rate.

Mobile wallet and wallets for other platforms like Android OS and iOS coming soon.

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