Can Blockchain Solve Homelessness in the U.K? ThaneCoin (TPI) Introduces Decentralized Property Market Outside Current Boom & Bust System

ThaneCoin (TPI) Introduces a decentralized property market Outside the boom and bust system currently in place in the U.K.

The state of the private rental market for millions of Britain’s private renters, life living in somebody else’s property, is anything but easy.

– BBC News

The Problem

In UK there are not enough properties built every year to sustain the demand. Currently we need an extra 150,000 homes to be built every year. Because of this children are forced to live with their parents after starting work. The rental market has boomed but the rentals have gone up and not affordable for those who are starting up in their life.

Currently the government is spending around 3.0% of GDP on Housing and 2.4% on Defense. Even though we haven’t had a major war since 1945 the government thinks there is a need to spend around 45 Billion on Defense in 2018 and only slightly more on Housing.

Homelessness has increased. People are forced to live in their cars & caravans. The homeless are considered lazy and looked down upon by many. Yet it could happen to any one of us. Anyone could lose their job or suddenly fall ill and end up not being able to pay their rent or mortgages. It has become a real problem. If family or friends are not there to help, they can easily end up homeless.

The Solution

Creating a caring society

With our vast experience in construction  we want to buy land and construct affordable housing in the UK. A rent to buy scheme will be introduced where those who don’t have enough money for deposits can buy our new built properties.


Rentals would be calculated at a percentage of the base rate. Which would be substantially lower than the market rental price. Once they are ready to purchase the property the amount of rent paid will be used as their deposit and sold to them.  Since our properties won’t have any debt attached to it we can charge reasonable rent. Preference would be given to certain job categories like Nursing, Teaching etc.

Residential properties that are being repossessed will be bought from the owners before repossession and an affordable rent negotiated with the owners and they will be allowed to stay in their own properties. They will be given a buy back choice so they can buy back their property when their situation gets better at the current market value.

The Goal

The Future of property buying


Our goal is to create a system where ownership of properties will become risk proof. A decentralized property market which is outside the boom and bust system we currently have. During the ICO we will create a coin.

These coins will be ready to be exchanged when the ICO ends. The rate of exchange will be 1 TPI Token = 1 TPI Coin.

We have started the process to create the new coin. It will be based on the Stellar Protocol. We made this choice due to its speed in executing transactions and the cheap transaction fee.

The new Coin will be available with the exchange platform on Beta on our site by End of April 2018 or early May 2018. We are bringing the Coin & Platform early so that we can carry out the necessary testing to make sure the coins will be ready on the 8 July to be exchanged.

Once the Coins are ready to be exchanged we will start on our Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. This would be like any normal Cryptocurrency Exchange except that it would be lot cheaper to trade at our Exchange. We will cater to the top 9 major cryptocurrencies plus TPI coin. We are hoping to bring the Beta exchange ready for testing in December 2018.

Our aim is to make TPI a part of property purchasing. With the new coin and our own exchange we want to create the environment ready for the coin to be used as a payment medium. Once the coin is ready to be converted we will apply for the necessary licenses to enable us to provide more services for the property market. Prepaid cards with an easy to use system where TPIs are converted to FIAT and stored. These prepaid cards can be used for all daily usage. The transaction charge will be small compared to the other payment processors available.

Screenshot 2018-04-28 08.21.33.png

We have allocated 1% of the ICO for our chosen charities.

“We are here on earth to help others; What on earth others are here for I don’t know”
– W.H. Auden

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ThaneCoin Pre-Sale Has Just Started and will follow with the ICO

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