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What’s in a name? A cryptocurrency award…

The-Best-Damn-Cryptocurrency-Awards-for-2018.pngIf you are interested in cryptocurrency, then you probably research and read cryptocurrency related blogs. But, with the growing number of crypto-related websites, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to separate the good shiz, I mean sites from the ones you want to ignore.

If you’d only read the well-established blogs and articles of sites like coinbase and coindesk, there’s a chance you miss out on a lot of great news and info.

When looking beyond these established sites, you will find there’s more than you can see at first glance. There really are bloggers who create a lot of valuable information. They are quite talented, and often publish news that is not readily available in the mainstream media. Without further delay here’s a random compilation of 25 of these sought-after cryptocurrency bloggers you may want to share and follow.

Let’s get started with the 1st damn cryptocurrency award!

Antony Lewis of 

Award: The greatest damn crypto career planner award

From his profile, you can tell Antony carefully planned out the career steps to follow.

Antony’s love for blockchain technology led him to become a blockchain blogger.
He says that:” it was a ‘mild obsession’ with bitcoin that he turned into a career when
the right opportunity came along”.

Ofir Beigel of

Award: The biggest damn bitcoin fan award

Ofir started 99 bitcoins back in 2013 when he noticed that there were very few non-technical websites on bitcoin. In the past few years, 99 bitcoins has grown into a formidable resource where
every month more than a million new bitcoiners find their bitcoin Basics, bitcoin trading tips, and techniques.

The Team of

Award: The damn crypto tech-savvy award

Just like the rest of us, the team of coinnoob started out as noobs one day. But as time went on the team became quite proficient.
Their main mission is to: “Make cryptocurrency easy to understand for everyone.” I think they are making an impact because whenever I do a search online related to cryptocurrency guess which website often pops up?

The Team of

Award: The damn teamwork makes the dream work award

CryptoClarified is one of those sites that prove that cooperation among a team goes a long way. In their first 30 days of existence, over 350.000 visitors flocked to their site.
Results are not only in the numbers, but these guys must be doing something right.

Zoltan Tokay of

Award: The damn crypto passion award

If the passion of Zoltan would not have been here, this list might have been a bit shorter.
Zoltan and the team of bitcoinist have reached great heights.
Bitcoinist is a role model and example for all self-respecting bitcoin-related sites out there.

Alex Fortin of

Award: The damn love for cryptocurrency business award

This is a classic example of “love what you do and you will be rewarded.” Well, he got the award. Alex loves business and investing.

He spends his time helping people to get the freedom in their lives to do what they really want. If that is not a meaningful cause to spend your life around than I don’t know what is.

Bobby, and TM of

Award: The damn crypto data award

When you want to talk data, this duo got you covered.

Sometimes situations arise where you can’t see the forest for the trees. This is happening as we speak with cryptocurrencies. With hundreds of currencies already out in the market, and new ones added almost daily.

Through collecting all quantitative and qualitative data of cryptocurrencies this team is putting the numbers into the right perspective. As they benchmark coins on their own algorithm, they shed a light on how valuable a coin is compared to their peers.

Gavin Andresen of

Award: The damn crypto developer award

Gavin seems like a humble guy.

But somehow I think his work has a great impact in the crypto-space. Gavin is a bitcoin developer and calls himself an all around geek.

He discovered bitcoin in the early stages and points out that not all early adopters of bitcoin are multi-millionaires. One of his tips is to: “Make a long-term plan and stick to it, ignoring the short-term market drama.”

The Hustlers of

Award: The damn crypto hustler award

It’s in their name, and these guys live up to it like all great hustlers do!

A cryptocurrency design store that is using its designs to unite crypto hustlers around the world. Their goal is to unite Cryptocurrency lovers and help them reach their goal of financial freedom.

Shea Newkirk of

Award: The best damn crypto-mustache award

Shea is living proof that a great mustache can win you an award.

Shea aka “the stache” has been a bitcoin supporter since 2014. As a designer, coder, musician, gamer, father, blogger, entrepreneur & more. Shea is sharing his experiences and set to disrupt the crypto world.

Brian D. Evans of

Award: The damn crypto hat award

They say those who fit the hat wear it. Brian successfully wears multiple hats.

Brian successfully manages influencive with a lean team from around the world.
Besides that, he is a columnist at,, Huffington Post, Forbes, and others. As one of the more successful peops on this list, Brian is definitely someone to keep an eye on if you like to keep a finger on the proverbial crypto pulse.

Lim of

Award: The damn crypto adaptability award

Lim has the ability to sense and lead his team towards the same direction as their readers.

Hongkiat has been around for quite some time. The strength of Lim and his team seems to be that they have a proven formula for success. They know what their readers want, and they give it to them.

The Team of

Award: The damn one-stop crypto shop award

In their own words, this team claims that: “Mycryptopedia is a one-stop-shop for anyone wishing to further their knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology”.

You know what? I couldn’t agree more.

William Mougayar of

Award: The damn crypto author award

William knows a thing or two about blockchain. So much so he wrote a book about it. The business blockchain comes highly recommended. Check it out!

William is a veteran in the online world. He creates his footprint through authoring books and helping startups to get on the right track. As I just mentioned, his latest book is the Business Blockchain in which he highlights the Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology.

Zac of

Award: The damn crypto blogger award

Zac has built a successful business around blogging. You could easily call him a blogger for life.

Zac is a business blogger who teaches new bloggers the ins and outs of what it takes to be a blogger. Zac is very well rounded in many niches. So if you plan to start a cryptocurrency blog, he may be the right man to help you get started.

The Team of

Award: The damn crypto vanity award

This is not merely about beauty. This team shows that unique qualities go a long way.

This team claims they consist of some handsome writers and early crypto adopters. I don’t know about that. But from time to time they do run some interesting Bitcoin chart analysis.

John Titus of

Award: The damn bitcoin beginner award

At one point or another, we were all absolute beginners. John dives into both the technical and the practical side of cryptocurrencies.

John Titus is a software developer who has been writing about cryptocurrencies since 2013. As the title of his blog suggests, his site is a great resource for… bitcoin beginners.

Paul Clevett of

Award: The damn cryptocurrency inspiration award

Paul did not let his early experiences with cryptocurrency get the best of him. Instead, he turned the tables and uses his knowledge to help others.

Right now he is teaching newbies how to get started. He does it with great success.
His blog got several awards for being a top cryptocurrency blog.

Jamie Spencer of

Award: The damn crypto website builder award

Cryptocurrency is still considered to be in its infancy. We can expect many more crypto related websites to pop up.

Jamie might be at the basis of many of them. Jamie is teaching people how to set up their own blogs. Besides that, he also likes to talk about cryptocurrencies and the exchanges that trade them.

Connor of

Award: The damn crypto sharing award

Sharing is caring, right? Connor knows all about that as he has made it his specialty.

Connor likes to share what he has learned about cryptocurrency in the past few years. His info is very suitable for beginners because he explains everything with a lot of attention to detail. He does not tell stories that you may want to hear. Not at all, like a good writer he backs up his words on his resources page.

The Team of

Award: The best damn crypto magazine award

The daily beast is a great magazine style type of website choke full of interesting news and stories full stop. They attract more than a million readers a day, and with good reason. Thought-provoking stories keep us coming back for more.

Kyle Torpey of

Award:  The best damn featured crypto writer award

To many featuring may sound like playing second fiddle. Not so to kyle, He has been featured in many top magazines. Kyle likes to write and talk about bitcoin. He has been featured on many well-known websites such as Forbes, CoinJournal, and Business Insider.This obviously means he has some interesting crypto-related things to share.

Harsh Agrawal of

Award: The damn crypto love award

More proof that money is not the most important part of life. If you love it for the right reasons, it will come to you no matter what.
Harsh Agrawal founded Coinsutra because of his love for bitcoin, altcoins, and writing. Coinsutra is still a young site, but they are growing rapidly.

The Team of

Award: The damn cryptocurrency exchange review award

To be or not be reviewed is the question. A question this team provides answers to. Another interesting website teaching all about cryptocurrencies, mining and especially crypto-exchanges.
They cover every aspect surrounding cryptocurrency trading you can think of. This is another good place for starters to get educated before they start trading.

Ryan Cropp of

Award: The damn thought-provoking crypto award

Ryan’s blog is definitely not a run of the mill type of blog, it’s quite the opposite of that. If you’re looking for something different I suggest you just go check it out. On his blog, Ryan shares his thoughts from the perspective of a software developer, an avid reader, a health nut
and tech enthusiast. The result is an interesting blog. What I liked about it were his thoughts and questions. It made me wonder if I could relate to his way of thinking.

Congrats to our winners…

Most of you probably receive this award with some tongue in cheek, and that’s perfectly fine:-) By the way here is an image of it, just in case you want to entertain your readers or friends.


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