Another Really Cool Crypto Collectable Game is Upon Us.. Enter The World of Ether!

Enter The World of Ether!

Etherians are the latest collectible in what is truly the world’s first decentralized game.

Store, sell and breed your valuable Etherians on the Ethereum blockchain where they are held safe and securely. Use ETH to buy eggs and discover hundreds of new monsters.

Breed your way to a legendary monster, or buy an egg and test your luck. World of Ether is filled with many Etherians waiting to be discovered. Be the first to discover a new species and get rewarded.

World of Ether, fills the cryptocollectible void opened by CryptoKitties and Crypto Celebrities. Although we never got involved with Cryptokitties, we are still playing and throughly enjoying Crypto Celebrities.  CryptoKitties showed that there was a market need for gamified crypto assets, having over $20,000,000 sold in digital cats, but lacked depth and game mechanics. World of Ether seeks to fill that void.

World of Ether is founded by Alain Goldman, co-founder of the largest Ethereum meetup group in the world (link:, and his brother, Stanley Goldman, who’s a senior developer at GitHub.

The rest of the team can be viewed at

In World of Ether, users can battle, breed, and sell a variety of monsters, creating a rich world to interact with.

Games that use blockchain have many advantages. With World of Ether, the monsters live on the Ethereum blockchain in a way that is truly decentralized. This gives the game several advantages:

  • New breeds of monster can be discovered by users and when a user discovers a monster, that user is forever credited as being the discoverer of that monster.
  • The market decides how many monsters come into existence, and the founding team cannot create monsters out of thin air, thereby devaluing existing monsters (something that happened with CryptoKitties, for example).
  • The market decides on the price of all types of monsters.
  • Battle results cannot be manipulated and altered.

There are five types of monsters, each with different advantages and strategies: Sun, Ocean, Life, Death, and Astral.


  • There are four grades of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. Legendaries are extremely difficult to obtain, very powerful, and valuable. Few players will ever encounter them, though players will be able to look into our smart contracts and see the secret to creating them.
  • Battling gives users experience, which allows them to increase their chances of breeding these rare monsters.
  • World of Ether is translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and French. CryptoKitties, by comparison, was only in English.
  • The game began pre-selling eggs at midnight of 1/15/18.

Purchase Your Eggs HERE

Here’s a video showing how to purchase an egg:

With each egg sold, the next egg rises in price by .00035 ETH. When the full version of WoE is released, eggs increase in price by 15% to encourage reliance on the marketplace, that is those who bought in the eggsale and whose eggs hatched.

The full version of World of Ether will be released in Q1, 2018.

We just picked up 17 Eggs To Start The Game. Eggs Automatically Appreciate 15% on release day.. and God forbid you end up with some uncommon or rares once they hatch.. you could be on the receiving end of some serious ETH!

Buy Your Eggs Here

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Learn about the team:








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