4 Ethereum Games That Could Pass Up CryptoKitties

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Indeed, earlier this week, more than $10 million in ether was documented to be circulating within ethereum games, according to data collected by DappRadar.

“If 2017 was the year of the ICOs on ethereum, 2018 is the year of the crypto games on ethereum,” Iuri Matias, developer of ethereum dapps framework Embark, tweeted.

Maybe it should be no surprise, since the items being traded have produced incredible price tags. For instance, the most expensive cats on CryptoKitties are currently worth 100,000 ETH per cat, or $93.4 million at today’s prices.

Simon Powell, developer of CryptoCountries, one of the games garnering a significant amount of attention, told CoinDesk:

“We’re in the middle of the crypto gaming craze.”

And while CryptoKitties is was by far, the most successful game according to transaction count, it has markedly ebbed since its peak in December.  Entering February, some alternatives are attracting higher volumes and the 1st could pass break Crypto Kitties records this month!

There’s also a highly anticipated new release covered below that has the potential to break records of it’s own.  So who will reign supreme?

Here are the top-grossing games giving CryptoKitties a scare.

1. CryptoCountries

CryptoClarified is proud to have covered the 1st couple articles on CryptoCountries, and game hasn’t slowed it’s frenzied pace yet..

The slick interface and money-making potential of CryptoCountries puts it first in line as the top-grossing ethereum game today.

Billed as offering “world domination on the blockchain,” the game allows users to purchase countries on a digital map in what amounts to a twist on the board game classic Risk. Should another user place a higher bid, the country then moves into their control, and the user that was outbid then receives the profit made on the higher bid.

In the past week alone, 35,768.51 ether has passed through CryptoCountries’ system, compared to 1,551.16 on CryptoKitties.

Currently, the most expensive country is Japan, which costs 709 ether, $658,508 according to current metrics.

When asked what’s driving the interest in CryptoCountries, Powell said, “Same thing that drove the internet craze, it’s new, it’s fresh, it’s now.

“We are seeing a new kind of game concept that is made possible by the ethereum blockchain,” he said.

2. CryptoCelebrities

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 8.40.33 PM.png

CryptoCelebrities allows you to trade the hottest celebrities. Leonardo DiCaprio, Vladimir Putin… if you can name them, CryptoCelebrities is putting them on the blockchain.

Almost 23 Million dollars worth of Ethereum (ETH) has exchanged hands in the newest Crypto trading game.  The crazy part is that this all happened during the game’s Beta.

Traders and collector’s have been flocking in to snap up their favorite celebrity at a frenzying pace.. with the highest celebrity fetching 152 ETH ($126,000 dollars)

Notable about its design, however, is that CryptoCelebrities hard-codes a value increase into its contracts, so with each new purchase, the value of the contract goes up incrementally.

The development team has just recently launched a sustainable rev-share plan in the form of continuous ETH airdrops for the 50 highest ranked players according to total net value.

Screenshot 2018-02-07 23.55.38The airdrop is calculated on a daily basis. Payouts are financed from the revenue generated by the game and are expected to continue as long as the game is active.

Payout calculations:

Gold members (rank #1 to #10):

A 50% yearly interest payment, calculated and paid daily.  Example: If you rank #7 among all players in the game, and your total net value is 200 ETH, your yearly interest payout is 100 ETH, thus earning you a daily airdrop of 0.27397 ETH.

Silver members (rank #11 to #30):

A 30% yearly interest payment, calculated and paid daily.  Example: If you #12 among all players in the game, and your total net value is 100 ETH, your yearly interest payout is 30 ETH, thus earning you a daily airdrop of 0.082191 ETH.

Bronze members (Rank #31 to 50):

A 15% yearly interest payment, calculated and paid daily.  Example: If you rank #35 among all players in the game, and your total net value is 50 ETH, your yearly interest payout is 7.5 ETH, thus earning you a daily airdrop of 0.02054 ETH.

3. Crypto-All Stars

Stay Away

Updated: Avoid like the plague. One of the Developers sold his ownership to someone who has no plans to further the game.  


** Coming Soon**

World Of Ether


An upcoming game already has cryptocollectible addicts losing their minds and it hasn’t even launched yet.. This game has the potential to be by far the biggest Ethereum games ever released.. The World of Ether

In World of Ether, users can battle, breed, and sell a variety of monsters, creating a rich world to interact with.

Games that use blockchain have many advantages. With World of Ether, the monsters live on the Ethereum blockchain in a way that is truly decentralized. This gives the game several advantages:

  • New breeds of monster can be discovered by users and when a user discovers a monster, that user is forever credited as being the discoverer of that monster.
  • The market decides how many monsters come into existence, and the founding team cannot create monsters out of thin air, thereby devaluing existing monsters (something that happened with CryptoKitties, for example).
  • The market decides on the price of all types of monsters.
  • Battle results cannot be manipulated and altered.

There are five types of monsters, each with different advantages and strategies: Sun, Ocean, Life, Death, and Astral.


  • There are four grades of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. Legendaries are extremely difficult to obtain, very powerful, and valuable. Few players will ever encounter them, though players will be able to look into our smart contracts and see the secret to creating them.
  • Battling gives users experience, which allows them to increase their chances of breeding these rare monsters.
  • World of Ether is translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and French. CryptoKitties, by comparison, was only in English.
  • The game began pre-selling eggs at midnight of 1/15/18.

Purchase Your Eggs HERE

Here’s a video showing how to purchase an egg:

With each egg sold, the next egg rises in price by .00035 ETH. When the full version of WoE is released, eggs increase in price by 15% to encourage reliance on the marketplace, that is those who bought in the eggsale and whose eggs hatched.

The full version of World of Ether will be released in Q1, 2018.

We’ve already picked up 17 Eggs To Start The Game. Eggs Automatically Appreciate 15% on release day.. and God forbid you end up with some uncommon or rares once they hatch.. you could be on the receiving end of some serious ETH!

Buy Your Eggs Here

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